About June Frimärken

June Frimärken June Frimärken is a well established firm with long experience in the stampbusiness. Our store in Jönköping was opened allready back in 1972. To begin with we concentrated the business to sale in our store and participation in various exhibitions, but in 1980 we began our auctionactivity wich since then have grown steadily. Today we arrange two auctions every year and our auctioncatalouge are sent to costumers in 32 different countries all over the world.

We would gladly take upon ourselves to sell Your stamps or any other philatelic material in one of our coming auctions. Our previous actions have shown to be very succesful and because of our experience in the stampbusiness since 1972, we are well aware of whats going on in the world of stamps.

With philatelic greetings

Roy Gustavsson


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